About Jenny Inge

Jenny Inge is a highly distinguished American Actress (SAG-AFTRA, MEAA, AACTA, Equity UK, BFI) born in Long Beach, California, and currently residing in Brisbane, Australia. She became a featured performer on Television, Feature Films, and Short Films, appearing in American and International productions, including: “Baywatch”, “Friends”, “The Rock”, and “Reef Break”. 

Jenny’s recent credits and notable works include Sylvia in “Catalina Blues” (2022), Jacklyn in “Broken Wings” (2021), Nicole Diaz in “Nowhere To Hide” (2021), and Pamela in “Kicking Goals” (2021). Jenny continues to work with some of America’s finest Acting Coaches and Casting Directors.  

As a dean’s list scholar, Jenny graduated from The University of Southern California with a double major in Political Science and Journalism while performing on the elite USC Song Girls cheer squad.

Furthermore, she also took a semester abroad to Paris, where she immersed herself in architecture and culture to develop her skills as a presenter.

Advancing her career in the entertainment industry, Jenny began performing for the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams Football teams for numerous well-known national and international performances.

Jenny Inge’s career in the entertainment industry was only beginning when she began to work on phenomenal hit blockbusters and television series like “Friends”, “Never Been Kissed”, “Liar Liar”, “Space Jam”, “The Cable Guy”, “The Rock”, “Seinfeld”, and “Baywatch”. Jenny’s experience in the entertainment industry began early with landing commercials as a child actor. She was then working on Steven Spielberg’s Science Fiction “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind“. She discusses this experience in depth with the ‘The Super Fantastic Terrific Podcast.’

Jenny Inge participated in numerous promotional works for the Los Angeles Rams, such as appearing in commercials distributed nationally across the United States. She was hand-picked to perform in the Super Bowl.

Jenny Inge still “Office Predators” (2021)